Happy 2024!

It's January. In Northwestern Ontario, it's not only the cultural time of new beginnings and slightly more sunshine. It usually marks the time of year when the bay in front of my home freezes completely (although Lake Superior proper hardly ever does). 

This year, we're a little behind, weather-wise, but we have--at last!--some snow.

Ice trying hard to grow, some snow, and more light!

Many thanks to readers everywhere, from Kansas to Ohio to North Carolina, from Arizona to Washington State, and all across Canada, who have been in touch over the autumn to let me know their copies of MAKING UP THE GODS arrived!

My debut novel has also made a couple of trips--with readers! One to Cancun and another to Cuba.  

Also, I'm so grateful to know that the book has touched readers. Several gave copies to friends and family for the holidays, and they're forwarding comments as people read. It's lovely to know.

As life picks up after the winter holiday season, I'll be doing more events. I have a book club lined up for February. (NOTE: I AM AVAILABLE TO ZOOM INTO YOUR BOOK CLUB/BOOK GROUP, and I'd even travel to appear in person locally! Health restrictions permitting, of course).

And in January, I have the great good fortune to be appearing at the Ontario Library Association's Superconference in Toronto--the theme GET LOUD, and a look at their sessions, show the vital role libraries play in our communities. 

I'll be signing books at the Pavilion of the Ontario Book Publishers Organization on THURSDAY, JANUARY 25, AT 1 P.M. I'll fly in that morning and connect with other writers and librarians interested in my story of grief, ghosts, chosen family--and bears. 

I start this year with a heart full of gratitude--to Latitude 46 for its support of stories from this region, to the Ontario Arts Council for its grant support through the years, to librarians and teachers and all readers, to friends from high school orchestra and university Calculus classes and former neighbours and and and. 

There's so little I can do to help so many of the ugly, violent events happening throughout the world, but I know one thing: books give readers a chance to develop empathy and broaden their horizons, as long as we look for those opportunities to become our best selves.

That's my hope for my own 2024. I can't wait to see what it brings!