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Happy New Year, Indeed

I am *still* slightly bewildered about the last month or so of 2014 (and yes, still writing about it). However, both my husband and I greet 2015 with optimism, rebuilding health, and new-found energy. In fact, lots of fun stuff is on the horizon. February 2 marks the official Toronto launch of Best Canadian Essays 2014 .  Go if you can; it's a joint launch with Priscilla Uppal's much-anticipated short story collection and will feature readings by lots of great people. The unofficial Thunder Bay launch of BCE 2014 will occur the following evening, February 3, because I happen to be reading in Thunder Bay (Brodie Library, 7 p.m.) that evening and why not. I'm reading as part of the kickoff event for the Northwestern Ontario Writers Workshop's electronic- Writer in Residence program. Supported by the Ontario Arts Council's Northern Arts program, the event gives writers in the region a chance to attend workshops (in person or via livestreaming) with award-winn