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Supporting Short Stories

I'm working on a short story collection, with emphasis on the ongoing (one might say "neverending") nature of the present participle verb form "am working." Today I heard from the Ontario Arts Council that I received a Writer's Works in Progress grant to help support moving this project into the past tense. I am profoundly grateful and more than a little daunted. I've heard many many months (years) of "no" from many directions, so receiving this support is meaningful emotionally as well as financially. (As was getting on the CBC shortlist.) So, here we go: Writing. Ripening. (AKA "Composing" and "Composting.") Revising. Ripening. Revising. Revising. Dithering. Revising. Proofing. Dithering. Revising. Proofing. Etc. Eventually, submitting. And submitting. Then backing up to some dithering, revising, and proofing. But moving again. Thank you!

CBC Literary Award Winners

The CBC today announced the winners of its literary award competition here . Winning entries will start appearing online soon! Although my essay wasn't chosen to receive an award, I'm still VERY happy that it was recognized on the shortlist. I appreciate all the feedback I got from writing colleagues along the way. And when it does appear somewhere, you'll see that info here!

A Local Interview

A local radio station phoned for a quick interview this afternoon. Their post about the CBC Literary Awards is here .