Books and More in '24

Possibly not so much "and more," but definitely books!

For a long time I participated in #SundaySentence on a social media platform where I am no longer active. 

#SundaySentence was supposed to be one sentence, written by someone else, that you'd read in the previous week and found interesting or arresting or otherwise worth passing along. Sometimes I fudged the dates, but the sentences I posted were all from recent reading.

I cross-posted those sentences to Instagram, where I am much more active and enjoy connecting with folks about books and writing. I also compiled them here from time to time. 

Recently I recognized that I don't like actually recommending books to people. Too much responsibility. And choosing to post about a book may indicate to someone "she really likes this" as opposed to "she read it and found some elements interesting." 

So I began trying to better match books to readers. The results look something like this:


I enjoyed working in this format, so I'll continue for a while. However, I'll likely keep them to Instagram. Why not check in with me over there?

Happy Reading in 2024!