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Things I Learned in July

I don’t like oat milk. I have tried. But I really don’t. Fireweed is pretty, but I learned that some other July. Straw hats! So much new-to-me info.                 You can find them to fit people who have big heads.                 They can feel “too hot” on a warm day.                 They do not have a convenient hole for a high ponytail (like Maggie’s                     #ponytailofjustice on FBI), so yours has to lie low,                     like a Founding Father’s. Smoke (from forest fires) gets everywhere, not just in your eyes. Great song, though. Oil cleansers, about which I’ve been skeptical due to their “flavour of the month,” gimmicky connotation, really do work to take off mineral-based sunscreen. Consistently sitting down to meet a word goal can be a remarkably effective way to accrue words for your project(s). Speaking of which, the review I posted last week, of Adam Pottle’s book, VOICE, came from some of those words. AND! When you enjoy something, it’s rea