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There and Back Again

I spent time recently in The Big City, doing a project. I knew it would be demanding and that I'd need something else to do--probably not a writing something, and probably not a reading something, but a something-something. What I came up with was a photography project. Insert standard disclaimer here: I'm not a photographer. I have a little digital camera because my iDevice isn't powerful enough to have a good camera. I love to take pictures of where I live--it's beautiful. I've created calendars and games and puzzles (and business cards) that feature my pics, for Christmas gifts. But I'm by no means a "real" photographer. That said, last December, when my husband and I were navigating his health issues, I found it extremely helpful to have a "photo-a-day" project to think about. So I made up one for this trip, too. I came up with a week's worth of "prompt"-type words (all sort of vaguely related to "autumn")