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That Whooshing Sound...

was September, apparently. I spent the month face-down in collections of words-- * writing a novel (nearly done with the Full Draft! can't wait to type "the end" and start revisions), * writing and goofing around with new essays, * revising and submitting short stories and essays, and * reading many works by Robertson Davies and one by Milan Kundera (oof, the contrast). Plus doing other things that have rattled around on various to-do lists. Plus "just being" outdoors, while it's possible to sit on the deck and blink into the sun without wearing tons of layers. Busy, fruitful, exciting rewarding. Lots of nights with the aurora and beautiful moons and brilliant planets (Venus, was that you?). The kingfisher is still around, this morning a flock of Canada geese paraded past, Monday a merganser and loons were hanging around avoiding their close-ups, the heron stopped in (perhaps to say goodbye?) a couple of weeks ago. And yesterday, a deer swam b