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How to Lose November

The month is flying by. This was going to be the month AFTER the month that disappeared. However, this one is set to join October on the "months in 2014 that went by in a blur" list. On the up side, I've been churning through my to-do list and meeting deadlines. But sometimes, my brain is mush, and sometimes, I click through to Facebook, and sometimes, I take those quizzes. You know the ones: "what kind of old person will you be?" or "what animal is your spirit animal?" So far I have learned * In Narnia, I am most like Mr. Tumnus. (Time to investigate more aggressive hair removal.) * The word that best describes me is "cultured." (Like yogurt? So, more "curdled"?) * The first impression I create is "innovative."(This devotee of habit, this creature of routine?) * My spirit animal is the whale. (A good friend told me this when I was 27.) * The type of angel wings I have (Who knew there were different kinds???) is

Hey, Look at This!

This past month has brought a lot of people-related events and a lot of work, much of it unexpected and all of it urgent. On days when I'm not running to a meeting or prepping for a people-filled event, I have been full to the brim with others' words and ideas. However! I'm also happy to say that most days I get outdoors. Sometimes I have a camera, which I'm still learning to use. So here are some pictures for you to look at. In mid-October, I brought the rowboat around and it was raining. I have really cute boots. Look up, look down, look all around. I like to pretend I meant to do the distortion, but it's really just the multi-paned glass in the kitchen. I really like taking pictures because--even for me, the Queen of Let's Add Some Words--they don't normally involve words. I just look and then futz around till I enjoy what I see. Which is how I know I'm a dedicated picture-taker, not a photographer. I am an amateur. I do it f