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In and Out of the Office

It's summer, which is a lovely season here on the Lake Superior north shore. I'd like to spend more time out there enjoying it, and less time at my desk. Also, it's prime visiting time here, which is also fun. Therefore, I'll be not 100% "out of the office," but not exactly in the office, until September. I may pop in here with news or items of interest. I'll be off Twitter (mostly) (I hope) but I'll be around on Instagram @marionagnew and I'll pick up email. Wherever you are, whenever it is you're reading this, I hope you're able to enjoy being where you are.

Now Out!

The most recent issue of Prairie Fire arrived! It includes my essay, "Hours of Daylight," another from the collection about my mother and her illness and our family. I'm so pleased that Betsy Warland recognized it and I'm honoured that it appears in this company.  Managing journals and contests is a lot of work, and I appreciate the effort that groups across Canada put in to make our work available to readers. Thanks so much, Prairie Fire !

Recent Reading

I've read a bunch of really great books lately, including this one. I especially like this quote, page 215: "In the long run, the revision process feels better if you approach it with curiosity. Each editorial mark can't register as a 'mistake' that threatens the spider ego. Remind yourself that revising proves you care for the reader and the nature of your ambition." Curiosity. Check! Back to work.

One Today: History to Question

"...history to question..." "hope--a new constellation/waiting for us to map it/waiting for us to name it--together" Today, I remember that the "American" continents look the way they do because of theft and murder, the shameful dismissal of lives, human and other. That the exploitation is redoubled, today. And I remember that we can again face the stars and map that constellation. Hope. Here is the full text of Richard Blanco's Inaugural poem, "One Today."