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Hanging from a Telephone Wire

It's been a little bit of lunatic heaven in these parts lately. We're getting lots and lots of lovely snow, which will be wonderful when spring finally does arrive. I've been on vacation someplace warm, and now I'm home. And this integrated art exhibition is happening, too. Not only is the exhibit open at the Thunder Bay (Historical) Museum  through June 2, but also there's a reception on Sunday from 2 to 4 p.m.!! For which I am making cookies! No lie!! That burning smell is not at all related to either my cooking prowess or pants that might (or might not!! liars are tricksy that way!!!) be on fire. (The number of exclamation marks is in direct relationship to the amount of coffee I've had, not to the truth or falsehood of any statements they follow.) Hope to see you there -- and if you're not in the area, the link at the Museum's website has some words about the exhibit from the visual and sound artist participants. I have read all the st

A Showcase of Creativity

How does that interior design saying go? Something like this: One is an accident, two is just stuff, but three is a collection. How about ten?  Ten plays in one night? Because that's an option available this weekend in Thunder Bay. The showcase for 10 by Ten will run this Saturday night.  Okay, so technically, it's six full ten-minute plays and four shorter "scenes" from smaller plays. But still -- nine different writers, many directors (some playwrights are directing their own work), actors interpreting creative visons -- lots of creativity will be gathered in one place. I've read a few of the plays that will be performed and they're crackerjack. Of particular interest to my household is this one: Though the showcase is Saturday, preparations began last fall, and bringing together this "grand finale" has meant that many people have sustained enthusiasm well beyond the typical "let's put on a show!" moment. Their enthusi