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The other night, I had a dream that included a Roomba , a cat, and a handheld electronic device for checking out library books. I had to get the angle of my device just right, so that the Roomba could read that I wanted to recheck my library book. The cat wasn't keen on being carried around but otherwise was just part of the mental dream furniture. Last night's dream included a house with lots of rooms, Escher -style architecture, and Alice-in-Wonderlandish phantasmagorical and slightly frightening happenings. At one point I was carrying around an enameled basin, delivering some kind of fluid somewhere (and I couldn't find where it was to go), to someone who looked like the Mad Hatter. Last night also included the following conversation. Important person: Why are people turning in their prescription drugs?  Me: Because they heard the headline about vitamins being worthless and are bringing in all their medication, not just their vitamins. You know how people are abo