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A Way In (Starting Somewhere)

Poetry is not my specialty. I love poetic language, but I don't understand the concept of using only a few words when you can use a whole lot of 'em. So I'm learning about poetry by reading it--at least one collection a year. (I don't call it "aiming low." I call it "starting somewhere.") Last year I read Jeremiah, Ohio , by Adam Sol . Canadian content, a Canamerican/Ameri-nadian/ whatever writer: lots of connections there. To say nothing of the subject of the collection, which is a retelling of Jeremiah, a narrative (!!) that is itself challenging and disturbing. I found the whole experience stimulating, rewarding, and interesting. So I didn't wait till poetry month to read another poetry collection (yep, "starting somewhere"). Last summer, Betsy Struthers was at the Sleeping Giant Writers Festival , and I heard her read from her book In Her Fifties . It's divided into two parts: some prose poems set in the 1950s, and poetry about

True Poetry

April is Poetry Month. I'm reading a book of poetry but it takes me a long time to know what I think about poetry. So, until I can get my act together, contemplate this. And now, go to Mr. Mali's website and buy pens. Watch more poetry . Book a workshop. Surf around until you stumble on the 13 tips for performing poetry.

Creative Non-Fiction Winner

The winners of the 2009 CBC Literary Awards will be published in EnRoute magazine and online in the coming months. Here's a link to the winning entry from the Creative Non-Fiction category. Many congratulations to all the winners. I'm pleased to have been included in their company.