What I’m Taking into September

A Fitbit. I’m learning a lot, which I’ll talk more about at some future time. But let’s just say I respond well to step counts.

A proofed manuscript and cover of my novel, Making Up the Gods, which launches in one month!*

A new refrigerator, plus a bar fridge that served in the pinch between a fridge on the fritz, a fridge that we ordered and paid for that never arrived, and at last a fridge that was delivered.

A reduced need to worry about the house’s plumbing! Our septic tank is freshly pumped. Because we know how to have all the fun here, folks. (There’s more fun ahead, as is the way with household projects.)

A month’s worth of memories with my sister, who helped proof my book and helped me pick up spices from Penzey’s in Minneapolis (not as easy as it sounds; those places smell great and hold the possibilities for a million meals). We’d seen each other briefly a year ago, but she hasn’t come up here for four years. It was great to have her here.

A sense of possibility, a stirring of new projects, new insight into stories I already know. The best feeling.


* to read more about the book, go here. And to order a copy, here are some options: 

ask your local bookstore to order it for you and maybe a couple more copies because you're sure your friends will like it too!

order from Bookshop.org in either the US or Canada All Lit Up Canada Bookshop 

or order from a chain like Barnes & Noble or Indigo.