Advance Praise for MAKING UP THE GODS


People have said nice things about my debut novel ahead of its official launch on October 15. It's humbling and I'm so grateful to everyone who's had a hand in helping this story reach readers.  

It's available for preorder wherever books are sold, both brick-and-mortar locations and online. 

Here's a suggestion: Perhaps ask your local independent bookstore to order it--and if you don't have a local independent bookstore, check out, where your online purchases support independent bookstores. They even have an agreement with All Lit Up, a consortium of Canadian Independent Publishers

And yes! It's also available to order from the large chain bookstores in both the US and Canada. 


Full of humour and heart, Marion Agnew’s debut novel is both a love letter to northern Ontario, and a moving meditation on grief, community, and family—the one we are born with, and the one we choose. No matter where you are in the world, reading Making Up the Gods will make you feel like you are standing on the shores of Lake Superior, and, like the memory of skipping rocks across the water or spotting the silhouette of a bear on the horizon, this story and these characters will stay with you for a long time.
Amy Jones, author of We're All in This Together and Pebble & Dove


How do we learn to trust in the wake of sudden tragedy? In Making Up the Gods, three grieving strangers—an elderly widow, a young boy, and a middle-aged alcoholic in tenuous recovery—meet on the cusp of spring at a lakeside camp to face down their ghosts, their fears, and a pair of hungry bears. In the process, they forge connection, friendship, even something like family. This wise, funny, and generous-hearted novel shows us how shared labour and shared love for a distinctive landscape can become a vehicle for healing, mutual understanding, and growth.
Susan Olding, author of Big Reader


Marion Agnew gathers together a cast of unlikely characters and sets them on the shore of Lake Superior with their ghosts. While each of them holds on to the past, like a collection of rocks plucked from the shore, it's their connection to each other that helps them find the strength to surrender their loss like stones returned to the sea. A heartwarming story of grief, love and hope, the healing power of community and the creation of family through shared experiences, friendship and trust. You'll be charmed by Chen, cherish Simone and cheer for Martin as their lives intersect in Making Up the Gods. A welcome addition to stories set in Northwestern Ontario where characters draw strength and inspiration from the inland sea that is Lake Superior.
Jean E. Pendziwol, bestselling author of The Lightkeeper's Daughters

Marion Agnew's novel, Making Up the Gods, explores the effects of loss and grief on individuals and communities and our intrinsic need for connection. When three strangers' lives intersect in a Northern Ontario town in the wake of a tragedy, unlikely friendships are formed and the path to healing begins. With vivid prose and humorous insight, Agnew's haunting novel will stay with the reader long after the last page.
—Liisa Kovala, author of Sisu's Winter War