Tomorrow, and Yesterday.

A reminder: Tomorrow I appear as part of this Ask an Author panel, sponsored by the Northwestern Ontario Writers Workshop.

It would be fun to see you, if you can come. Remember: no stupid questions! Can't vouch for our answers, though. The link to the zoom meeting is live here. If you're reading this after the event, sorry!

A report: Yesterday, this happened.

As I said on Instagram (where you could follow me; I'm marionagnew):

I did it for me. I did it for him, and him, and her, and for them. I did it for you. For us.

For my immunocompromised, high-risk family and friends. For your loved ones, too.

Every vaccination makes us all safer. Thanks, science. ❤️

It's heartening to see friends and family and strangers getting vaccinated. Like a break in the grey, snow-laden clouds that April has brought back to the North Shore. A break that lets in light and hope.