A Moment

I'm having a moment. Not the kind that means fame or cultural relevance (see: monstera plants, which have displaced succulents, and mushroom-growing, which is apparently replacing baking with sourdough), but the kind I like. 

I mean.

A moment in which most things feel possible; the moment in which I haven't yet dropped anything irrevocably today and I can maybe pick up some of yesterday's things. 

Little things. The laundry is in the dryer and if I'm not around when it's done, the wrinkles won't matter. I have an idea for supper and don't need to thaw anything. We have adequate supplies of sandwich fixings, butter, raisin bread, chocolate bars, coffee and decaf, and prescriptions. 

I have ascertained that the blub in the top of the upright tag alder at the shoreline, which I know is NOT the blackbird and NOT the kingfisher, IS indeed a bird. A goldish little round sparrowish jobber. (The ongoing "learning more about the world around us" project is going REEeeeeally well.)

The annoying-yet-necessary Paperwork of Life is resting on others' (virtual) desks--the desks of people whom I trust to meet deadlines, a miraculous process every year. This morning, I even completed the "I could always be prepping this form though it's not technically due yet" form and submitted it. Caught up.

The members of this household are between vaccination doses. I regret only that I missed the social cue of the clinician administering mine. She wanted to chitchat and I didn't understand that fact until she said, "You're very no-nonsense? Are you in law enforcement?" and added wistfully, "We say the same things so many times a day, I like to talk with people as they come through." By then, it was a little late to relax my "get in and out and stay the hell out of the way" demeanour, even though I did sit in her chair for an extra breath to thank her before blinking back tears as I found the next row of sanitized chairs, where I waited out my fifteen minutes. 

In a couple of weeks, my mentor and I will be presenting about mentorship at a conference, and we're at an appropriate stage of readiness, given that we're still a couple of weeks out. Yesterday I happened on a related article and thought, "Yes, I know we can include this" instead of the "OMG how and where will we include this?" 

I like all the books I'm reading. I've actually had a good run with books lately--pleasant reading experiences. More specifics at another time. 

The lake ripples, the sun shines. The wind isn't tossing trees and powerlines around. We're between bouts of precipitation, even. 

It's obviously time to go for a walk before I return to accumulating sentences and completing tasks for others. But before I leap up and charge into the next thing, I am having a moment. 

Aaaaand there's the dryer. Oh well. See above.