Trudging and Rewatching

Today would have been my first morning to wake up here at home after my vacation, in a non-COVID universe.

It's the last of THAT ghost event. May will bring more ghosts.

I'm noticing many other ghost events, ongoing. Sports reports "reports" continue to be all about events that won't be happening. And meanwhile, let's all watch this sports event from a previous year that was SO GOOD.

No shade on rewatching. I mean, it's what I do with books. And when hasn't a Jane Austen adaptation been a good insomnia companion?

Rewatching is also what I do with seasons. Every year.

So, yes, I adore living here. And although I'm sorry to miss seeing family (and let's be real, wearing flipflops), there's no place I'd rather be than here.

But some days--let's just say I'm not walking lightly on the landscape. I'm not stomping-mad. Just trudging through days. Checking things off my (greatly reduced) list. Going outdoors.

Remembering "gentle." Or trying. 

Here are some more things I've seen, as I've rewatched Spring arrive.

Stay home, stay safe, keep trudging.