Some people have Things to Say.

Sometimes always, sometimes "now more than ever," they have a Need to Share "this wonderful thing I do."

Which is great. Writers. Artists. Cool.

Sometimes I read Things People Say.

I especially enjoy people's varied artistic practices, especially those practices that look at things. Like Shawna Lemay's, at Transactions with Beauty. Love love love her series of still lifes. (I entertain myself by using "stills life" as the plural.)

I appreciate those who curate (oh that word) words for us. Like Kerry Clare, who shares her Gleanings.

But sometimes I'm kind of, I don't know, done? I want to say, "Shhh."

So I tell myself that. It helps to go outdoors.


You don't have to tiptoe, but learn from me: do be careful on ice.

Sometimes, you can look up, or over, or out.