Exciting Book Fundraising Event!

It's exciting to announce this fun event coming up in just a couple of weeks!

It's a book signing! It's a fundraiser! It's an OPPORTUNITY to BUY BOOKS!

I would never counsel someone who's trying to manage spending to buy books just "for a good cause." But if you're going to buy books or lifestyle items anyway, why not choose a time that benefits others as well as yourself?

On January 29, from 6 to  8 PM, I'll be at the Thunder Bay Chapters, signing copies of my book, REVERBERATIONS: A DAUGHTER'S MEDITATIONS ON ALZHEIMER'S. For each copy of the book I sign that evening, I'll donate $5 to the Alzheimer Society (minimum $100). You can bring books you bought before--that's cool. You can buy a book that night and I'll sign it--also cool.


You can raise money for the Alzheimer Society just by spending money that night between 6 and 8 PM. Just mention it to the cashier and they'll donate 15% of your purchased items--at no extra cost to you.

Although the big gift-giving occasions won't roll around for another 11 months or so, Valentine's Day is coming, Family Day holidays might be smoother with new books (or lifestyle items), and if you go somewhere for March Break or Easter Holidays, you might need hostess gifts (or a great new book for your flight).

I'm making a list myself--my husband and I are in a book club, and although we get some books from the library, we often buy them. And without an independent bookseller in town, we patronize Chapters.* My extended family is a boookish lot and appreciates a good lifestyle item. And then there are the titles languishing on post-its and "someday" lists. What better evening to scope out some of those ideas?

As I've said, January is Alzheimer Awareness Month. We all need to know more--about resources for people who have dementia, about signs and symptoms, about ways to support people with dementia and their care partners in their day-to-day lives, and about ways to help eliminate stigma against people with dementia. People from the Alzheimer Society will be there to answer questions and provide information.

So please come--it's a great chance to get your book signed, look over a bunch of books and other fun items, and support a wonderful cause. And say hi!

* I have also spent money this past year through Briny Books and highly recommend their curated list, as well as Gladstone Press, which I also highly recommend.