Recent Results

I have some really exciting and humbling news to share!

* My essay "Atomic Tangerine" was shortlisted by The New Quarterly for its Edna Staebler Personal Essay contest and will appear in the journal in 2018. Also, the essay by Susan Olding, who mentored me this past year, won! I can't wait to read it. The full announcement, for their poetry, fiction, and nonfiction contests, is here. It will be a treat to work with the TNQ editors on my essay.

* Another essay, "Entanglement," was shortlisted for EVENT's 2017 Non-Fiction contest! That announcement is here. I appreciate the recognition.

* My peek behind the scenes is also live at the blog for Compose. In it, I share a little about how I came to write (and rewrite and continue to revise) "Bypass Instructions," which was published in their Spring 2017 issue. (The original essay is here.) It was very valuable to me to reflect a little on my writing process, especially about an event (my husband's heart surgery and our recovery milestones) that was so important to us. And I hope the blog post is interesting to you!

I extend a hearty THANK YOU to all at the literary magazines who work so hard to create opportunities for writers and artists to share work, whether through contests or regular publications.