Cross Words

For the past year, I've done a crossword puzzle nearly every day.

I got hooked while on vacation. It's been really fun to try to figure out what other people think words mean.

Plus I've learned about things along the way. Like the plant indigo comes from: anil. And that there are many sites devoted to crossword puzzles online.

Also it reminded me of this 2006 documentary, Wordplay.

In the trailer above, former President Clinton says he does them to see what people are thinking about. Me, too. Many more recent movie stars than I had anticipated.

Right now, I'm thinking about going for a row with my sister. To read more about that, you could check out this essay, "Backwards, Opposite, Contrary," at Full Grown People. There's lots of other good stuff at FGP, too.

So: a ten-letter word for "holiday without leaving home" is "staycation," and I'm on one. Even if that's NOT an officially recognized word for puzzles.