The Opposite of Energy

Last week I was talking about energy, and the interactions that help me feel more usefully energetic.

This week, I still have the cold or whatever, and I still carry tissues, and I have practically no energy. (I did, however, open our last box of tissues and when I said to my husband, "We're down to our last Kleeneck," I laughed for a long time, far beyond all reason.)

So this will be a few random thoughts from someone whose sole energetic activity seems to be carrying piles of used tissues to the trash can.

1. Write Everything, or Set Down My "Pen" Forever? I'm (still) (always) catching up on issues of The New Yorker and I happened on a lovely George Saunders short story (a redundant phrase) from February of this year. On one hand, I am ungracefully chuffed that it took him four years to write it. What a regular guy he can be. On the other hand, man, that voice! That sensibility! That--wait, where did he take this?--plot! For more information about this story, here's an interview.

2. Owls seem to be having a cultural moment. Also foxes. Or maybe it's just this guy's art. Robbie Craig has lovely photos and images inspired by them, and the northern lights, and the north. (It's not just this guy's art, but I do love his art.)

3. Aha! I knew it wasn't just Robbie Craig who filled my Facebook timeline with images of birds. Here's Meg Sheepway's Dog Paw Pottery, which just this morning showed me a plate with a bird's hunting track.

4. When All Else Fails, There's a Cliche. I may write more about this later, but I've also noticed that the change in seasons reminds me of something ELSE my mother was (annoyingly) right about: "be careful what you wish for." I had forgotten that longer and warmer days + precipitation = driveway lakes = nervousness about driving back up the driveway after leaving the house = always carry wellies = good excuse for being a hermit = hey not a bad time to be sick, either.

Goodbye, March.