I'm doing that thing where I might have a cold and I might have just allergies, but either way, I've got a box of tissues with me at all times.

I'm not really REALLY sick--even if it's a cold, I'm not, like, seriously sick. But I AM much more aware of energy.

Energy, as in, what activities give me energy. Whose company I leave feeling energized--I may be tired, but I have a sense of possibility, of good things happening. And, on the flip side, what activities and whose company leaves me feeling hopeless, annoyed, or frustrated.

And I'm writing it down. Because the seasons are changing (hi there, Spring!), and someday our snow will melt. I'll spend more time outdoors on projects (noodling around as well as chores) that I can't do in the winter. I'll need to be even more aware of what (and who) helps me grow, and where I can contribute with the most integrity and effectiveness.

Now, please excuse me while I ignore the dishes and the errands in favor of a brief nap.