Overhaul, Revise, Upside-Down, Invert

Those are just a few of the words you could use to describe what I'm doing to my writing schedule.

At the risk of trying to organize myself out of a problem I've behaved myself into,* I'm mixing it up a little, at least in terms of calendars, schedules, and "Butt Meets Chair."

Yep. I'm going to try using my morning hours for my work writing and the rest of the day for my own writing. For one thing, I really can do work-person-like writing in the morning. For another, working mornings--just accepting that I gotta work in the mornings--is going to prevent problems like the one I had this week, when everything came due at once and I had to get a deadline extension.

I hate that. I am not like one who easily accepts the need for extended deadlines. I am not at all like that one.

So yup. Upside down, inside out, backside front. A few hours a day instead of a festival of panic. That's not a festival I enjoy attending. So I'm overhauling, revising, upside-downing, and inverting.

*Don't do this. Change your behavior, not your organizational method. Don't get another calendar; just do the stuff on the one you have. Why do you imagine a fancy closet organizer is gonna make a difference if you don't hang up your clothes now? You'll still have to hang up your clothes. Et cetera. And by the way, businesses are the worst offenders. If sales are low, let's rejigger the reporting structure, because that's easier than hiring better salespeople or investing in training the ones we have. Oh look, I got started. But I'm stopping now.