September Song

This year, I've been showing the photos I used in the calendar I create every year. You can find previous months and a link to the text they illustrate here.

As you can imagine, northwestern Ontario is lovely in September. I always have more photos to choose from than room to show them. This month, I used these.

Photos of places so familiar in summer, but now with signs of changing leaves and dying grasses, are extra special, rather like seeing someone you love with new eyes. I don't have kids, but I get the same feeling when I see photos of my parents when they were young -- far younger than I am now. "Oh,  the handsome fellow in his tux, the young girl in overalls posing hands-on-hips -- they are part of who you were, too!"

It's no accident that songs about September are often poignant. It's hard not to look at the sun and wish it would hang around on its summer schedule for a few more months -- and it's hard not to feel that sense of summer slipping away as a metaphor for life. 

But the other months of the year carry their own moments of beauty and inspiration, even if you do have to look for them a little more carefully. Or so I believe.