New Year

Fall is still a new year for a lot of us -- whether it's a religious holiday or just the tradition of starting school.

Notebooks, crayons (or colored pencils), sharpeners, erasers, glue (or glue sticks). New books, new ideas to write in them, new problems to puzzle over and (it is to be hoped) solve.

Along those lines, Quinn McDonald, a writer and creativity coach based in Arizona, recently wrote a post called Re-Packing Your Brain.

In it, she says, "Every time we start a new project, change our business, choose a new perception, we have to 're-pack our brain.'"

Wait...we choose our perceptions? And re-packing our brain around new perceptions can, in her words, give us a "new-found eagerness"?

How potent that is -- but yeah, isn't that what new starts are all about? 

In the past few weeks, I have adopted a new routine (still doing that 25 minutes of suffering!) and, wonder of wonders, I have been writing in the morning. I'm not (not, SO NOT) a morning person. Also, I imagine that I am too important, what with all those deadlines for others, to postpone to the afternoon the work and volunteer projects.

But when I changed my imagination to be my ally in getting new writing done, I could see that my, uh, importance was also largely imaginary. Most (99%) of the time, most issues (99%) can wait. My new perception lets my imagination now take me to my work in progress in the morning, and yes, with a newfound eagerness.

Quinn's blog, by the way, is well worth cruising through, especially if you're feeling the need for new ideas and perspectives around art. I also enjoy her book. Hope you do, too!