Loop, Thrown for a

Some days, things happen that derail normal life. And even in this world, when we as a culture tend to consider no life event "off limits," I just can't write about some things.

Yes, I wrote about my mother's illness and death. However, I have not yet written about my father's death. Directly, that is, except informally. On the other hand, easily half of the short stories I'm revising feature protagonists with "dead people in the family." So perhaps it comes out one way or another.

In any case, sometimes things happen that throw you for a loop. Today is a day when I'm a little loopy. (My brother is fine, by the way; this is not about him.)

Ergo, for your contemplation: Is Ryan Gosling Cuter than a Puppy?

(My answer: not consistently. Possibly not ever. Puppies, they are dang cute.)