I'm back in this corner reading aloud, in preparation for reading in front of people tonight, and hoping not to wear out my voice in the process.

Meanwhile, I offer up here an unanticipated gem. One benefit of my "suffer for 25 minutes" practice of weeding out files has been re-finding links I meant to check out more closely -- mostly, links to other writers.

Today, a quote by David Milch on the blog of (YA and other) writer Laurie Halse (rhymes with waltz) Anderson caught my attention. I'll make you go here to read it in its entirely, but the gist is that writers who aren't writing feel bad (untalented, incompetent -- miserable). Separate, in fact, from the Divine.

As in, don't postpone your writing until you feel the touch of the Divine. Writing is your way of reaching out to feel that touch.

Yep, it all comes back to Nike: Just Do It.