The Sweetest Words

Apropos of words you overuse, what are those words or phrases you can never hear enough of?

Here are a few of my favo(u)rites:

* Congratulations!
* Accept
* Yes
* Thank you
* Leftover turkey

Okay, your list might be slightly different. I adore turkey sandwiches, turkey soup--in fact, most things turkey. Just to be sure, I looked up "talk turkey," which has apparently shifted in meaning from "talk pleasantly" to "talk directly about difficult subjects," but regardless, yes, even that is something I prefer.

As for the rest of the words, I would like to hear these words more often--and one way I can do that is to say them more often.

Another way to hear more is to ensure that others have the opportunity to say them to me. That's another way of telling myself "take the risk: send writing out."

Hey, that's another reason to like leftover turkey: without fail, it never says "no."