Sorts, Types of

1. Out of. That's what I was last week when I got annoyed about the popularity of two adults engaged in a pointless argument. Fortunately, Wikileaks came along and engaged my snark and imitative skills.

2. Using codes. That's how people have been finding Wikileaks documents that mention Canada. It's a lot like googling yourself, which everybody does (yes, you do. Yeeees, you know you do) but nobody admits to. In terms of the Wikileaks searches, it's a little bit sad: not having much wikileaked about you is confirmation that you're a boring country. Whereas an individual who is not very google-able can be...mysterious. Above that sort of thing. An international man or women--who can even tell?--of mystery. Yeah, maybe.

3. By title. I made a playlist of Christmas songs to help keep me at my desk while I finish some stuff. I don't have a ton of Christmas music, and lots came as compilation CDs anyway, and as for the ones that didn't--well, sometimes I don't feel like listening to James Taylor or those Barenaked dudes for an entire hour. You might think sorting by song title would be even more boring--ten versions in a row of Silent Night, for example--but you'd be wrong. People actually do quite different things with these songs. I'm impressed. (Of course, you might think that my taste and perspicacity in picking holiday CDs might be a factor, though given that four are Pottery Barn compilations, you'd be wrong about that, too.) Even James Taylor's "River" followed by Sarah Maclachlan's "River" is just...interesting. Go try it.

4. By date of project finish. Oh, so many unfinished ones floating there at the top. Sigh. Bye.