Yes to This Man

John Scalzi, a writer of many things (including movie reviews, science fiction, and books), has also blogged about becoming a professional writer.

Here are two excellent things he says, culled from about, oh, a million:

Writing professionally is actual work, for better and worse. If you can accept this fact, you’ll be better off mentally to do well as a professional writer.

Yes!! Writing is work, like a job.

Also, he says this:

EVERY WRITER GETS REJECTED. You will be no different. ... If you can’t handle the idea of rejection, you’re really in the wrong line of work. It’s just part of the business.

Ah, rejection, which I have written about here before. The fact that rejection is ubiquitous doesn't make it fun. However, work isn't always fun (see above) but it can be rewarding in a character-building way. I personally drip character.

Plus I don't think it matters whether you're doing "professional" or "creative" writing, aka "writing for money" or "writing whatever I want." Both points above apply: it's work, sometimes, and rejection happens.

Many thanks to The Rejectionist, whose wise and witty blog gives me food for thought and laughter.