We Have a Cover!

My debut novel, Making Up the Gods, is coming in October, 2023 from Latitude 46 Publishing. 

And I'm especially excited to show you the cover!

The cover was adapted by a collage created by Thunder Bay artist Erin Stewart. 

Here's a description of the novel:

Simone, a retired widow, would live a quiet and isolated life, if not for the lingering ghosts of her family. One day, Simone is visited at her home by a man named Martin claiming to be her cousin. When Martin asks if Simone is willing to sell her cottage by the lake, a proposition made sweeter by the prospect of a condo in Florida, Simone, though pleased at the thought of a cousin, also questions his intentions. From what part of her past has Martin emerged, and why now? The burden of making a decision is all the more difficult because Simone has agreed to take care of a friend's nine-year-old boy, Chen, for a short time while his mother enjoys a much-needed vacation. Simone finds her match in Chen, a curious boy grieving the loss of his father and stepbrother in an accident that has shaken the entire community. Can Simone hide her ability to see her family ghosts? Will Martin succeed in extorting Simone's beloved home--and worse, is he a danger to Chen? Because of Chen and Martin, Simone is caught between her ties to the past and her desire to embrace the company of the living.

Stay tuned for more!