Resources for Mother's Day

My first book, REVERBERATIONS: A DAUGHTER'S MEDITATIONS ON ALZHEIMER'S, collected personal essays about my mother's dementia and how our family responded to it.

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resources about caring for mothers.

Dementia (in all its forms, including Alzheimer's) can be a lonely illness. The person who has it can find socializing difficult. Their family members are likely not specialists in dementia and may need help figuring out basic skills for caring for adults. 

Sometimes, people in the dementia community just need companionship. Not professional intervention, necessarily--just proof that others have experienced or are currently experiencing what you're going through.

Feeling seen and heard somehow makes it easier to return to life with a fresh perspective and new energy. And often, you gain a few insights or learn a few techniques that can help everyone.

Organizations like AlzAuthors help new caregivers find companionship. AlzAuthors is a clearinghouse for information--podcasts, books, blogs, interviews--by people with dementia and those who love them.

For Mother's Day, AlzAuthors has put together a booklet that lists some of the works about mothers with dementia, including REVERBERATIONS. It's free when you sign up for their newsletter, which is not overwhelming and contains a wealth of information and a guide to new resources.

If dementia has touched your family--or if you think it might--connecting with AlzAuthors is one of the easiest and most effective ways to honour your loved ones.