In the past few days, I've been writing notes.

Some are actual notes, on paper. Most are emails. 

However. They all "count." (Count to whom? Not sure.) 

The notes have fallen into two loose categories: thank-you notes and "thinking of you" notes.

Writing them has been a pleasure all its own. It's nice to spend time articulating exactly how grateful I am, and in what ways I'm grateful. 

And, when I feel empathy for someone going through a difficult time, to say "I'm thinking of you." It's a small thing, and no solution to their difficulty. But when I've been in their shoes, I've appreciated knowing that others remembered me and recognized my situation.

All of which got me thinking: have I written myself any gratitude notes lately? How about a "thinking of you"? Not "things I'm generally grateful for" or "things I'm thinking about that I'm messing up." 

Instead, I could list specific actions I've taken that I'm grateful I've done. I could acknowledge things I'm struggling with, a little, and give myself an encouraging word.

I haven't written such notes--but I will, after I click "publish."