What I’m taking into June

Another dose of COVID vax

A drain strainer for the bathtub, shaped like a starfish, that works a treat (strains hair, lets water through).

A pair of houseshoes in a larger size (my big toes are ecstatic).

Some Penguin Classic clothbound versions of Jane Austen titles (I’m still missing Emma SO FAR), each of which has an updated introduction, and I’m LOVING them.

Loving the hardcover clothbound Penguin Classic
versions of Jane Austen's novels 

A new, perhaps slightly strange, interest in Beowulf translations and a specific re-envisioning that reconsiders love and monsters 

A bunch of photos through rainy windows, to say nothing of photos of a squirrel (or several?) at our old bird feeder 

A squirrel atop a bird feeder, snacking

A writing conference registration, a writing group commitment, and the prospect of being with other writers, maybe even in the flesh.

The energy of writing to elected officials even though I know they’re indifferent at best and likely actively working against the world’s best interests. It’s the energy not only of speaking up, but also of seeing myself speak up, if that makes any sense. 

The world’s cutest boots, which I have been wearing for the past eight weeks any time I venture outdoors.

The ever-adorable Rifle Paper X Keds collab.
As a bonus, you can see just how muddy
it gets around here in the spring! 

Renewed delight in the peepers that sing me to sleep. Every year, they’re one of my favourite signs of spring. They began in the middle of a thunderstorm a few weeks back and are charming friends. 

And a general delight in spring, with fresh starts and new beginnings for which I'm always grateful, even as I never forget that those starts and beginnings both build on old knowledge and exist in the context of a difficult world.