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Sometimes I just post stuff I see from the window, but lately I've been "more thoughtful," which is to say, "procrastinating work on our taxes."


Patterns from yesterday and today.

Patterns from yesterday and today. 

Patterns in me, too. Every year I put our tax info together. It’s one of those accordion projects: more complicated than I anticipated at some points in the process, and less complicated at others. More. Less. More. Less. Every year.

I’m grateful for the resources to deal with it: physical and emotional energy and time, plus (eventually) money.

On the “more complicated” days, I try to remember the pattern, and keep moving till it’s less complicated again. And, eventually, done.

I wonder if Earth feels that way about the changing seasons. All she can do is keep turning, and some days she must feel that nothing is really happening.

Yet here we are: melting snow, with temperatures occasionally above freezing.

It’s all about hope: that words can accumulate and then be massaged to make a novel, that we provide a financial accounting to our communities every year, that individuals standing up to invasion and war make a wave that leads to peace.

That in our individual ways, large and small, we are giving to our world.