Things I’m Taking Into 2022

Lines of Light on Snow

Sublime? Ridiculous? You decide.

My plans for 2022 include

# keeping frozen diced onions on hand at all times. I’ve enjoyed this hack, which I picked up from an Instagram and YouTube influencer, all year. There’s been much less crying and far less metric tonnage of onions spoiling because I've forgotten I have them.

# listing a few fun things to do each month. I did this in December—small holiday/celebratory things I wanted to do—and it was nice to have that list to refer to. Doing difficult errands or tasks was happier when I could look forward to relaxing at home in a room lit by coloured lights and look at our evergreen swag (the getting out of which was two things).

# following my own interests for “fun” reading and better focusing my efforts for “professional” reading. I have more to say aboutreading and year-end lists, here.

# limiting and focusing my time on social media, both to spend time doing fun things (see above) and to reduce my exposure to headline news. I hope this has the side benefit of reducing my (non-clinical level but still heightened) anxiety, because apparently worrying about all the things happening in the world that are out of my control actually DOES NOT help, no matter how good I get at worrying. I’m modest about my prowess at most things, but I will say I’m a good worrier.

# playing every day. This actually came out of a twitter thread where I described my post-pandemic haircut as “Bilbo Baggins, as played by Ian Holm,” and then had a yen to re-watch The Hobbit, where I was most impressed with Martin Freeman’s capering as Bilbo headed off on an adventure. I can’t commit to a daily adventure, but I can commit to daily play. So I’m infusing a sense of play into more of the things I do.

# getting a vaccine booster, and limiting exposure. Because everyone should, because not everyone can. 


I hope you’ve found some ways to refocus this year—perhaps a moment or two of peace that sustains you.