A Moment of the Other Kind

 A month or so ago, I wrote about having a moment. A good kind. 

It occurred to me yesterday that I was having a different kind of moment--the other kind.

The kind of moment when things aren't going quite right.

When you're annoyed by the poor production quality of the book you're reading--inconsistent copy editing, real howlers of misused words, mysterious tense shifts. 

When your down-arrow key sticks. When you have intermittent inconvenient internet issues, when the prepaid postage form doesn't scan, when the postal clerk inquires whether you might mean an address in Alaska instead of the one in Oklahoma where your brother lives, when the people scheduling appointments both respond to emails at different points in the email thread, when it's deceptively cold outdoors regardless of what the thermometer says.  

When you drive the forty-plus minutes to midtown to pick up your groceries and they can't bring them out because the cash register system is down. 

Days like that. 

BUT! I recognized this morning that it's no real hardship to take another hour-and-a-half-plus to drive to town with my husband, chatting and listening to the news, and come home with groceries.

A book with poor editing? Oh well--I can finish it or not, as I feel called to do.

The minor inconveniences will get fixed and/or (internet connection) shift over time. The weather will warm up. I may have to do something about that down-arrow key, though.

Regardless--it's OK. It, too, is a moment. It will pass. And meanwhile, I can write and go outdoors, wearing a spring sweatshirt--this is, after all, the season that required the invention of such a thing.   

And maybe these moments are also good. In their raven-on-the-deck way.