You Have YOUR Signs

Signs of Spring, that is. 

Here's one of our favourites. 

Our deck. Look at all that exposed surface area! Look at all the snow that isn't there anymore!

A year ago yesterday, in the shutdown's early days, I fell on sneaky spring ice and broke both wrists. I am expert in denial, so I acknowledged two months later that maybe something had happened. But! They're much better today, and I'm grateful and fortunate.

And also: But! They will never be the same. 

We will never be the same. The world, metaphoric and the literal planet, will never be the same. 

The ravens, though, have found grasses and are repairing their nests. The eagles hunt, as does the fox. The deer come by to feed on whatever they find.

I'm going to sit in the sun, plan our next grocery pickup, and ignore the house upkeep we should be doing. Yep, Spring is on its way.