I Read Canadian

Today, February 17, is I Read Canadian Day. 

I'd love to say something flip here about "every day is 'I Read Canadian Day' in this house," but it isn't. We read our share of books written by writers who live and publish elsewhere. 

Still, as I'm considering books as background or models for a project, I look to be sure I'm including Canadian writers. 

And when I'm trolling for something new, I look at 49th Shelf--a website whose sole function is to call attention to Canadian books and writers. It's a great resource, today and every day. 

For more about I Read Canadian Day, click here.

To go to the 49th Shelf, click here. 

And now, I'm going back to working on books by Canadians--my own writing, and a new novel from my husband. It's THISCLOSE to going live, which will be a day of celebration.