Verbs These Days

Am I “between,” or am I “in transition”?*


“Between” feels stuck. “In transition” implies movement, but that movement feels passive.


What I need is a good verb. “Transit,” per the dictionary, is both a noun and a verb but it feels very noun-ish.


What are more-active options?


Walk (trudge, shuffle, stride, dance).


                (revise, edit, summarize, write)
                (ask, pitch, request, send)
                (stew, saute, braise, bake)
                (wipe, wash, sanitize, restore).


                (recognize, acknowledge, celebrate, enjoy)
                (breathe, rest, regroup, nourish).


Turn (look, orient, lean, commit).


Walk. Work. Wait. Turn. Repeat.

And, throughout: Hope (dream, yearn, hanker, aspire).


* by “I,” I mean “we,” as in "you and me," as in “the world.” We’re sharing a pandemic, political uncertainty, and a climate crisis. We could all use some good verbs.