Oh, You Know

Looking out the window. (The sun is rising farther north, or left, along the horizon every day! Even when we're having another snowstorm and can't see it.)


Reading. (This is one of several multi-voice novels I've read in 2020. I love them in general, especially this one.)

Also: sorting tax receipts, deleting old email, cancelling events, and doing other things that don't lend themselves to pictures. Worrying at pre-set times, in an effort to keep a lid on it.

Thinking fondly of my parents, both young adults during World War II. My father spent the years in uniform in Hawaii, and my mother did nuclear mathematics in Montreal. Apart for 27 months, they were reunited in July of 1945, grateful ever after that they were spared.

I try to apply I learned from them: Count blessings. Practice gratitude. Do your part, however small it feels.

In short: We're leaning into a sense of calm as the world changes so rapidly. So, staying home. The usual.

Hope you are the same.