Whoa-oh-oh-oh, on the Radio

As we near the Saturday launch for Reverberations: A Daughter's Meditations on Alzheimer's, I have the opportunity to talk about the book, my mother, our family, and writing. It's been a lot of fun to chat with interested people.

Here's some official links:

On CBC Radio's Thunder Bay morning snow, Superior Morning, with Lisa Laco.

The November issue of Thunder Bay's arts and culture magazine, The Walleye. The "Five Questions" is the interview with me, done by Susan Goldberg, an awesome writer and interviewer.

And just yesterday, an interview with Heather Dickson in Bayview Magazine. Lots of neat photos accompany this one.

I keep saying how grateful I am, and it's true. For my parents, my siblings and their children and grandchildren, and our extended family of cousins. For my husband and his children and partners and grandchildren.

For the support from teachers, librarians and library programs, health-related programs, and arts programs--paid for by all of us.

For private businesses, some supported in part by public programs, for their hard work to bring to market the arts that writers and other artists create.

In these days after Canadian Thanksgiving and Remembrance Day, and leading up to US Thanksgiving, I remember others' support and sacrifice, and I am grateful.