Stolen Title: There and Back Again

(It's the subtitle of The Hobbit.) 

I'm back from vacation. I saw lots of beach and Atlantic Ocean. Waves. Piers. Sand.

Also, horses.

Since I've been home, I've Handled Many Time-Sensitive Things. Today has been more of a bust, both writing-wise and all-the-other things-wise. 

And yet. I'm managing to do the next ONE thing. (Wash bedding.) And the next. (Respond to email.) And the next. (Check in here.) And the next. (Research next steps for a project--just google three ideas I had.)

Which is also like writing and revising. (WHAT ISN'T?) You reread things, you fix something, that causes a cascading change that requires adjusting, which means an entire set of scenes can go. 

But you don't have to do all that at once.

Just the next thing. 

And sometimes doing things is easier when you remember the colour and texture of the sand (how different from the sand here), and the wind off the water (more persistent and salty). 

I enjoyed vacation. I enjoy being back home. I enjoy doing the next ONE thing.