Re-Thinking Childhood Classics

Last week, I wrote about my November book, Little Women. As is always the case when I read my "old faves," I was uncomfortably aware of statements and omissions that are, frankly, racist and classist. And I wanted to get some perspective.

So I did, at this invaluable resource: American Indians in Children's Literature. Dr. Debbie Reese founded and managed this resource for years, and now has help. An enrolled member of the Nambe Pueblo in New Mexico, she has also held positions at the University of Illinois. She and Jean Mendoza share their reviews of books--both books they recommend and those they don't (with reasons why)--and welcome thoughtful comments and discussion.

Although Little Women isn't discussed much, many of my other childhood favourites are. I've learned a lot from the resources and conversations. I would say that I don't always agree with the perspectives, but that's really not my place. I have too much to learn.

I may have linked to it before, but even so--it's not as if these conversations are somehow not relevant anymore. Go there and check it out.