Good Writing by Women

Good reading recently!

1. Tanis MacDonald, Out of Line. Thoughts on being an artist outside of The Big City (as you define it). Addresses lots of issues of class. Contains lots of truths, both hard and inspiring.

* "What is there to say about not winning, or even not being nominated? This is the state in which most writers live their lives" (p. 163).

* "Artists need to be sensitive, but they also need to be tough" (p.  169).

* "Don't worry about a grand plan. Produce work. Make stuff" (p. 174).

2. The simply lovely blog by Alberta writer Shawna Lemay, Transactions with Beauty A photographer and writer, she shares words AND images AND bits of poetry from others. It's a treat to dip in, and she updates often. Here's just one recent thought, from a few months that have felt especially difficult (although perhaps most times feel especially difficult).

* "But there's something about good writing by women that makes me feel less despondent" (August 17, 2018: "Maybe The World Isn't Such a Bad Place").

Yes, there is.