Thank You Notes

Dear Everyone Who Works or Has Worked at a Publication:

Thank you for the energy you expend helping writers find readers. Thank you for making time, on occasion, to include a brief comment with a rejection. Thank you for your honesty, your care, your attention.

Thank you, too, for the occasional reminder that you are as devoted to good writing as writers are. We may disagree about what constitutes "good writing," and that's cool. Artists can disagree about definitions while agreeing that art is important.

Because of you, writers and readers can meet in (sometimes imaginary) rooms to discuss imaginary or re-imagined people. What a gift.

Specifically, I extend gratitude to the readers and editors at the specific publications listed below. And because this post is not about me-me-me, the links go to the submissions pages of those publications, which writers should bookmark. Then, writers, browse archives to get a sense of their definition of "good" before submitting.

Compose Literary Journal. They're now closed to submissions until Fall 2018, but read those archives! Need more? Check out Write it Sideways. And the Compose creative nonfiction editor, Lisa Romeo, gives advice and "how I did it" content here, and she has a book coming out in 2018.

Gravel. Based at the University of Arkansas at Monticello, they accept many types of work, including flash/hybrid and book reviews. (Fun fact: you're probably mentally pronouncing "Monticello" wrong.)

Full Grown People. A lovely place to browse when you feel unsuccessful at being a grownup, which has made it an especially nice pitstop during the day during this past fifteen months or so.

Pithead Chapel. Also fun archives to browse. Also interesting cover art. Word limit of 4000 is nice for stretching one's writing legs.

Mischievous Books. (This link takes you to their products page.) A small Canadian publisher with a big heart--this year, running a short fiction contest and publishing an anthology, proceeds from which supported refugees. Well done!

Again--to those who work with our work, thank you. Another huge shout-out to readers--thank you for honouring our work with your time and attention, as well.

My resolution for 2018 is to continue to support all of you as best I can.