Highly Recommend

Below are a few of the books I've read recently--and OK, three I haven't yet read.

Good gifts!
The top four are available as a boxed set, and of those I've only read Spring so far, but based on that volume alone, they're worth the price. Also, they're a fundraiser for The (UK) Wildlife Trusts. (And no, I get nothing from any links.)

After a respectable-yet-not-excessive amount of dithering, I've decided I will read Winter next, given that that's what's mostly happening outside and the calendar will catch up in a couple of weeks.

I'll write more about Common Ground later, because man oh man. Rob Cowen, like Melissa Harrison (not coincidentally, the editor of the set of seasonal books, above), writes like gangbusters about the natural world--specifically, bits of land in urban or suburban or exurban areas that aren't "nature" in the normal sense, but where natural things happen. Because nature. And people. And us all together.

These are by no means the only books I've read (or read in) during 2016. But these titles have spoken to me, and they might to you as well.