The Story and its Context

I keep listening more these days. I may have some skills and know some things, but other people have different skills and know other things. Hearing their experiences is interesting. And people are always more likely to share if they have an audience. So I'm listening.

I know I've mentioned favorite podcasts before. I'm still enjoying NPR's Code Switch, maybe more than ever since the election.

And north of the border, here's a series I can't recommend highly enough: CBC's Missing and Murdered: Who Killed Alberta Williams? By Connie Walker and Marni Luke, this podcast looks into the disappearance and murder of a young woman decades ago. Nuanced and layered, it tells a heart-wrenching story of one person, but it also gives the context for so much of the pain that lingers in Canadian culture around missing and murdered indigenous women. The residual fear and hurt of Alberta's relatives is palpable, but never exploited. Connie confesses and considers her own ethical dilemmas directly.

It's an honor to have the opportunity to hear this story. I'm grateful to the CBC for supporting its production and in awe of the skills of its producers.

Other podcasts and recurring radio shows are on my playlist, so I'm ready for treadmill season. I'm sure I'll have more to share later. But for now, I've found these two podcasts to be excellent company.