Awesome Things

Here are a few awesome things I've seen recently.

Love the natural world? Love words? Go here and read "Antevernals in the Anthropocene" on The Last Word on Nothing blog, in which Michelle Nijhuis (among other things) suggests coining new terms for natural phenomena in our changing climate.

In fact, the entire blog is awesome--varied and interesting. As they say on their "About" page, they provide "Science: clear, crafty, and delivered to your door." Assuming your door is a computer, I guess. Anyway, lots of great writers, lots of great content.

Here's an awesome fund-raising idea: Four anthologies, each describing a different season, all to raise money for the (UK) Wildlife Trusts. They'll be released throughout the year and are edited by Melissa Harrison (whose fiction I raved about earlier) (and who also has a new book, Rain: Four Walks in English Weather on its way in early March).

You can get the Spring anthology now. (Too bad the season isn't here in real life. Yet.)

This anthology series reminds me of a cool project at the University of Arizona Poetry Center: A Poetic Inventory of Saguaro National Park. The organizer of the project asked nearly 100 writers to produce a poem or piece of prose about a specific species in the park--from bark scorpion to jumping cholla (a cactus). I happened to be visiting my sister when they held a reading, and it was fun to hear the variety of work. And overall, what a neat way to involve artists in a close examination of a particular place--that gives others a way into enjoying the place, too.

The best part of "finds" like those above? They exist as products (finished writing, blogs, books, journals), but they also exist as inspiration. What have others written about changing seasons--or one of the dominant seasons--in your part of the world? What species exist right outside your door, and how can you pay attention to them and inspire others to, as well? How can you team with others who are expert and interested in some of the same things to offer interesting writing? Can you find a way to support organizations near and dear to you?

Awesome. And inspiring. Maybe spring is here after all.